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For Diners

PLEASE NOTE: For any errors in stamping, please email and with either an itemized receipt or a photo of your purchased signature dish and we would be happy to record a stamp for you manually. Thank you for your patience!

Support local API Businesses. Celebrate API Diversity in Boston. Win prizes. 

How it works

  1. Restaurants are providing 1-3 signature items they’re featuring

  2. Boston Asian Restaurant Week patrons must order 1 of these items to qualify for a stamp

  3. Stamps collected will contribute to entries into raffles for Gift Certificates and Boston Asian Restaurant Week Swag

    • 1-12 Stamps - Entries for Gift Certificates + Aprons

    • 12 Stamps - First 50 winners automatically get a Boston Asian Restaurant Week Apron
      *While supplies last

  4. Winners will receive an email and pickup location the week after Boston Asian Restaurant Week​

How to Participate

  1. View participating restaurants' signature items on this page

  2. Download the StampMe app and register your stamp card. Make sure you have added the Boston Asian Restaurant Week StampMe Card


3. Plan your visit via reservation, walk-in, or take-out

4. At payment, notify the staff that you’d like to earn a stamp for Boston Asian Restaurant Week

5. Scan an exclusive code with each restaurant and collect stamps! The Boston Asian Restaurant Week team will have your live records. *Only 1 stamp per visit per person

6. At the end of the week, May 11th, 2024, count your stamps and expect a results email within the following week


What’s the meaning behind #haveyoueatenyet?
Among Asian people, the phrase “Have you eaten yet?” is shorthand for “How are you?” This question/greeting shows that you care. Food is centric of the human experience, and this phrase encapsulates the mission of driving community this week.

Can I substitute my signature item?

No. Restaurants choose which item they’re featuring as a representation of their business. Some may offer signature options catering to dietary restrictions; however, they are not required or entitled to.

Reservations are all filled for the restaurant I want to check out. What do I do?

We ask participants to be vigilant that popular partner restaurants may be booked quickly for this week. We recommend calling to see if they have walk-in opportunities or finding an alternate partner restaurant to dine at that day. 


Do Ubereats, DoorDash, or Grubhub orders count?

No. While takeout orders can contribute to your stamps. 3rd party ordering platforms will not count as a staff member cannot provide a code. Boston Asian Restaurant Week aims to increase business visibility, and we hope to give patrons an in-person experience, even if it’s take-out.


Does the price of the meal affect the amount of stamps I get?

No. Visits are counted as 1 stamp no matter the size of the purchase.


When do I get a stamp?

During payment, notify the employee that you are participating in Boston Asian Restaurant Week by pulling up your StampMe app. The employee will check that your purchase qualifies and provide a code for the stamp.


Do I have to download the app to participate?

To qualify for prizes, stamps must be recorded on the StampMe app. You are free to visit and patronize businesses without the stamp system. Just know you will not be eligible for prizes.


Can I earn a stamp if I go to an eatery more than once a day?
Yes. Stamps are time restricted to 5 minutes but will allow for multiple visits in 1 day. If you decide to revisit for dinner, you can most definitely earn another stamp.

If I buy more than one signature item, will I get more stamps?

No, stamps are based on visits. Our businesses are offering options that they hope will delight. We’re happy if multiple excite you and hope you enjoy!

If we have multiple people on 1 bill, will we all get stamps?

Yes, 1 bill can contribute towards multiple punch cards. We encourage group and family dining so you can taste more of the menu outside our partner’s signature dishes.

How do I know I won?

We will reach out using the information you provide on the StampMe App registration. Winners will be notified after Boston Asian Restaurant week with a pickup location or shipping options.

I am having technical issues with the StampMe app? Who do I reach out to?
Please cc email and

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