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Who are we?

We are a community of Asian American professionals who aspire to raise the bar of what it means to lead. We uphold the value of leadership in everything we do, from our roundtable conversations to our community barbeques.  We commit to empowering professional excellence in everyone we meet and believe in the value of accountability and diversity.

When you volunteer with us, we want you to work on a project that creates meaningful impact.

When you join as a member, we hope you are able to connect, engage, and participate in our diverse selection of events.

And when you leave any one of our events, we hope you leave inspired and equipped to make a difference in the world.

Here at NAAAP Boston, we build leaders.

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How we lead


Career First

You should not dread going to work.


NAAAP can provide you a great environment to network, learn best practices, meet prospective new hires, and advance or diversify your career interests.


Through our professional development workshops, we expose you to career choices and provide you the tools that every Asian American needs in today’s workplace to succeed while enjoying the ride.


Community Driven

Being a leader in the community is just as important as being a leader on your project team. At NAAAP, through our many volunteer and charity efforts, engages Asian Americans professionals and fosters a sense of unity.


Our members raise their voices individually and collectively to share our stories, experiences, perspectives, and needs. Your voice can be by what you say or do and when it is recognized, that ultimately leads to representation. Assimilation does not mean the abandonment of your culture or your heritage; it means bringing your experiences and outlook into what is mainstream America and building a community around it.

100% Volunteer-Run


of human resources executives surveyed by Deloitte agreed that skilled-volunteer experience makes a job candidate more desirable

NAAAP is entirely volunteer-run. Come join a group of passionate individuals in creating the next generation of professional development and stimulating community events! We empower our leaders to take charge of their careers and connect them with diverse teams and tools to be successful in creating impact.

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