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ERG Resources

NAAAP Boston has access to the perfect resources to address the growing challenges and competitive needs to create diverse, inclusive, and effective cultural growth within organizations.

To help our community partners get started, we have compiled an overview of the Asian American community here in the greater Boston Area. This overview references prominent local cultural events to experience, an introduction to understanding their culture, and access to further professional resources.

Asians around the world have and continue to experience a surge in targeted racism, xenophobia and violence.Not only are your Asian and Asian American employees worried about their biological health, they are also in fear for their safety, especially for their most vulnerable family members (elderlies), whom are beaten and in some instances, killed for simply existing. These tragic events are not unique to the Asian members of the POC community, as evidenced by the BLM Movement. The explosion of offenses targeted at the Asian community further underscores the need for a clear public Company statement to acknowledge the existence of hate violence and to denounce them.

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