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NAAAP Boston stands in solidarity with members of Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, and our allies, in the face of anti-Asian sentiment due to political disinformation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

We at NAAAP Boston have compiled a list of resources to aid allies in discussing anti-Asian hate and in educating broader communities of the impact and contributions that people of AAPI descent provide to society.


StopAAPIHate - For reporting any hate incidents you have observed

Asian Americans Advancing Justice AAJC

OCA Asian Pacific American Advocates

Conference on Asian Pacific Leadership CAPAL

PBS Asian American Series - A five episode series from PBS that explores the impact of Asian-Americans on the United States


PBS: The long history of racism against Asian Americans in the US

NatGeo: America's long history of scapegoating its Asian citizens

Time: In 1968, These Activists Coined the Term 'Asian American' - And Helped Shape Decades of Advocacy

The Conversation: The long history of US racism against Asian Americans from 'yellow peril' to the 'Chinese virus'

Asia Society: Asian Americans Then and Now

NBC: How advocates are writing Asian American stories back into history books

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