The NAAAP PRIDE program aims to empower, educate, engage, and celebrate the Asian American LGBTQ+ professional community and its allies by providing education, promoting visibility, and developing current and future LGBTQ+ leaders. We will provide resources and support for those in all stages of the coming out process and for those creating safe and affirming work and learning spaces where Asian American LGBTQ+ students and employees can live, work, and study safely, openly, and genuinely. NAAAP PRIDE’s objectives are:

  • Educating our members and associated individuals about the Asian American LGBTQ+ community.

  • Promoting visibility and offering support from NAAAP to members, engage allies, and corporations including their HR and Diversity and Inclusion departments.

  • Identify and celebrate strategic partners, supporters, and advancements within the Asian American LGBTQ+ community.

To learn more about NAAAP PRIDE, please visit 

PRIDE Roundtables

These are our monthly social and discussion groups for NAAAP PRIDE, intended to be a safe space for peer support, networking, and reflection for AAPI LGBTQ+ professionals. Due to COVID-19, all meetings are virtual for the time being, and are therefore open to folks across all geographies! Each meeting will include social activities, updates from leadership, and topic-oriented discussions/breakouts that will vary from month to month. 


We will generally meet the third Tuesday every month at 8PM EST. Click here to get in the loop! 

Check out the NAAAP Boston events calendar here!

NAAAP PRIDE Scholarship 2021

We are extremely excited to announce that the NAAAP Boston PRIDE Scholarship is now live! The deadline to apply is February 28th, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST

This scholarship, offered in conjunction with the annual Future Leaders Scholarship, aims to empower Asian and Pacific Islander LGBTQ+ youth to continue pursuing their dreams as future leaders. 

Interested in Learning More about PRIDE?

Reach out to Jason Ng at, or click the link below. 

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