MasterMind Pilot Program

A Peer to Peer Mentorship Program by NAAAP Boston

A mastermind group is a small peer-to-peer group focused on the individual. Each group member will lean on each other's experiences as they grow together as leaders.

The foundation of our three month pilot program is centered on three objectives:

Embodying Executive Presence, Overcoming Cultural Stereotypes, and Building Professional Clout.


We firmly believe that the key to success in this program is being present and contributing to meaningful group discussions.

Embodying Executive

Executive presence starts with confidence at every level. Develop and implement strategies to increase confidence, amplify your voice, and be heard.

Overcoming Cultural Stereotypes

Our global economy has cultural diversity at its core. Navigate the professional world while celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander culture

Building Professional Clout

Clout is more than just  influence. It is your ability to create, electrify, and lead a mission with others. Inspire through sharing your clear understanding for change.

Successful Masterminds will develop an action plan to help them accomplish their goals. Along the way, other group members will work with you to brainstorm out-of-the-box solutions to your roadblocks. Hear from influential thought leaders and continue with an action-driven discussion in each facilitated session.

Each small group will consist of no more than five members. This will allow and encourage productive discussion and action oriented solutions. Groups are moderated by facilitators with years of experience in executive leadership, coaching, and learning development.