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Why should I volunteer?

At NAAAP Boston, we hope to foster a bond between you and other like-minded professionals hungry for growth. 

Yes, sometimes we put on fancy clothes and attend professional events (Who even defines business casual?) but we also love to play board games and talk about mid-century modern art. 

What are the concerns of our community? How can we help amplify the voices that are most often unheard? How can we grow, and help others grow, as a leader not just inside the workplace, but outside as well.

If any of these questions interest you, you are what we are looking for!

What am I going to do?

Are you tech-savvy? Like to play around with Illustrator and have an eye for design? Or simply love talking and connecting with people? Here at NAAAP, we have a place for any of your quirks and talents.


From Professional Development to Human Resources, our committees serve as a platform for you to develop and learn new skills outside of your work. Click on About Us to find out more about our committees  and see if we are the type of people you would like to hang out with!

How do I get involved?

Email to learn more!

If you are interested in getting your feet wet, you can join any committee as a program associate and jump on to any project. If you would like to lead a project or program, you can apply to be a program lead. And if you would like to become a committee director, please submit your resume and title of the committee to the above email.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Volunteer Experiences
"I had a great time - I met a lot of awesome people and was able to direct cool projects. I learned a lot about leadership, and will be able to utilize these skills elsewhere. I made a lot of great personal connections and gained important professional skills (time/group management, event planning, etc). Try to challenge yourself as much as you can because this is a safe space to fail or make mistakes."
- Former Associate Director of Scholarship Committee
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