Join our Leadership Team!

We are an all-volunteer-run nonprofit organization with the ambitious goal to create a diverse and vibrant community that we are proud of. We strive to build authentic and transformational leaders across all levels of industries, ranks, and professions. 

Are you up for the challenge? If so, you will be part of an active community committed to building each other up. We are looking for people who are willing to step up and become inclusive leaders who truly believe that the success of others is also the success of themselves.

If any of these roles are of interest, please apply through this link: NAAAP Boston Leadership Application! 

Open Roles


VP, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

The VP of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEI&B) is an executive officer of the NAAAP Boston Chapter and will serve as a high visibility role elevating principles of DEI&B across the internal organization and through external relationships with partnered organizations. Reporting into the VP of DEI&B will be the Director of PRIDE and the Director of WIN with the potential to initiate the creation of other communities of belonging. The goal of the DEI&B team is to develop and mature inclusive spaces for diverse representation of AAPI communities that are often underrepresented or underserved. How we will do so is by creating diverse platforms and brave spaces that promote meaningful relationships and community between members. Additionally, members of the DEI&B community will also have the opportunity to develop key events, consult on key policy issues, and create practical assets to promote DEI&B principles across the City of Boston. The VP of DEI&B will be a high visibility role within the Greater Boston community and will be highly active in both AAPI and other communities such as ALFA, NAACP, and more. As such the requirements for a successful candidate include: 1. Strong communication skills both written and verbal 2. Ability to influence across the organization and with external partners 3. Diverse understanding of DEI&B principles and the willingness to remain curious and open to nuance topics 4. Empathy for others 5. Courage to speak up and build spaces that weren’t created with us in mind. In summary, the primary responsibilities for this role include: 1. Management of PRIDE and WIN committee including leaders and volunteers 2. Development of written and verbal communication of DEI&B principles across internal and external partnerships 3. Consultation on key policies and assets that affect the AAPIX communities 4. Support the growth of the entire NAAAP Organization 5. Active participation at the Greater DEI&B community in Boston


VP, National Leadership Convention Director

The National Director - National Leadership Convention 2023 is an executive officer of the NAAAP Boston Chapter as well as key personnel on the NAAAP National team. The Director will serve in a high visibility role as the chief leader of the Leadership Convention team tasked with strategic and operational deliverables. Reporting directly into the National director will be the core volunteer team, namely: 1.) Chief of Staff, 2.) Convention Project Manager, 3.) Marketing Team Lead, 4.) Sponsorship Team Lead, 5.) Speakers Team Lead, 6.) Operations Team Lead, and 7.) Programs Team Lead. Mission Statement: Every year, the National Association of Asian American Professionals hosts a gathering of its members, strategic partners, and members of the Asian-Pacific Islander community and their allies. Each year, a different NAAAP chapter hosts the convention, drawing attendees from all over North America (and beyond!) to connect and cultivate lasting relationships, to exchange and iterate against innovative ideas, and to share and receive best practices for transformational leadership. The annual convention is more than a gathering, it is a truly definitive experience for those who aspire to raise the bar of what it means to lead. Role and Responsibilities: The National Director - National Leadership Convention 2023, is the heart and soul of the convention planning team. This role will be responsible for the successful completion of the entire convention from initiation, planning, and execution. Some of the responsibilities include: 1. Leading all volunteering meetings (core team, ad-hoc, and all-hands) for LC23, including scheduling, facilitating, and ensuring high engagement throughout the year. 2. Manage expectations between convention sponsors, potential sponsors, and in-kind partners. 3. Manage vendor relationships, including signature approval of all contracts and convention assets. 4. Resolve all conflicts by acting as final decision maker for LC23 to ensure speedy resolution on tasks and milestones. 5. Communicate thoughtfully throughout all engagements with volunteers, stakeholders, customers, vendors, and through the public. 6. Lead the entire convention volunteer team from the heart and ensure each volunteer has a meaningful experience throughout the convention planning process. The VP, National Director - National Leadership Convention ‘23 is a high-impact and high value role with great visibility across North America. The annual Leadership Convention is attended by many industry leaders, highly regarded AAPI speakers, and rising stars in our community. As such the requirements for a successful candidate include: 1. Strong communication skills both written and verbal. 2. Ability to influence across a variety of stakeholders, from speakers, vendors, volunteers, sponsors, and with external partners. 3. Diverse understanding of leadership and management tactics to successfully build trust and teamwork across convention volunteers. 4. Sincere empathy for others and high tolerance for acceptance. 5. Action-oriented mindset with the conviction to get the job done with whatever it takes. 6. Experience working with marketing and advertising. Given the scope and expectations of this position, the Executive Director may receive the following benefits as part of their volunteer responsibilities: 1. Travel budget for transportation to and from key events supporting LC23. 2. Primary diction of convention strategy and key results. 3. Mentorship from prominent AAPI leaders across the nation. 4. Key connections with executive leadership across all industries. 5. A community of leaders who believe in our mission of limitless leadership.


Associate Director, Women in NAAAP

The Women in NAAAP (WIN) committee is dedicated to “empowering, supporting and engaging Asian women to succeed as professional and personal leaders as well as contributing to their communities.” The WIN! Program that was originally launched in 2009, is a venture designed to educate and address the challenges that Asian/AAPI women face at home and in the workplace with the objective of equipping women leaders with the skills, confidence and resources to effectively lead in a multicultural society, connect women leaders to high caliber mentors and role models, empower women leaders to tackle professional challenges, engage women leaders to their communities and represent women leaders across the world, and inspire women leaders to make a meaningful difference in government, education, business and community. WIN’s overall objectives include: 1. Cultivate and empower leaders for professional excellence. 2. Engage and participate with the Boston/Greater Boston AAPI community at large. 3. Build a culture of inclusive and additive sisterhood. 4. Inspire women to make a difference everywhere. The primary responsibilities of the Associate Director include: 1. Plan and co-host professional-women-focused events. 2. Co-lead committee meetings. 3. Recruit and engage with new/current volunteers. 4. Cultivate and build relationships with other NAAAP committees and with Greater Boston women’s organizations. 5. Develop and lead NAAAP Boston's overall community outreach efforts and strategies. 6. Exude passion for elevating women, everywhere.


Associate Director, PRIDE

NAAAP Pride is a national program by The National Association of Asian American Professionals. It is here to empower, educate, engage, and celebrate the Asian American LGBTQ+ professional community and its allies by providing education, promoting visibility, and developing current and future LGBTQ+ leaders. We will provide resources and support for those in all stages of the coming out process and for those creating safe and affirming work and learning spaces where Asian American LGBTQ+ students and employees can live, work, and study safely, openly, and genuinely. PRIDE’s overall objectives include: Support: Create a safe, welcoming environment of support for LGBT+ AAPI professionals Learn: Develop a broad base of institutional knowledge as related to LGBT x AAPI x Professionalism Connect: Connect with external partners/organizations internal and external to NAAAP Grow: Position NAAAP Pride Boston for growth and sustainability Amplify: Externalize our messaging to promote the visibility of the LGBT+/AAPI Community The primary responsibilities of the Associate Director of PRIDE (Boston Chapter) are to: 1. Oversee the implementation of and facilitate events tailored to the LGBTQ+ community of professionals 2. Plan and co-host networking events and professional development workshops to be inclusive of LGBTQ+ perspectives 3. Recruit and engage new members/volunteers 4. Cultivate and build relationships with other NAAAP leaders and with Greater Boston LGBTQ+ organizations We are looking for someone who is willing to step out of the comfort zone and to act as a champion for all AAPI LGBTQ+ professionals. NAAAP has a longstanding reputation for providing quality professional development programs, networking, and events for the AAPI community, but if we were to really hold ourselves to being truly diverse and inclusive, we need to do a better job at raising our voices for the LGBTQ+ community. That is why we look at this role as an avenue to expand our vision: that no matter how you identify as, you will never be denied the opportunity to arise as the leader you seek to become.


Associate Director, Leadership Excellence

The NAAAP Leadership Excellence Committee (LEC) is a national program by The National Association of Asian American Professionals. The organization’s mission is to build leaders. Traditionally, LEC is one of the front facing programming committees that attract our members to the non-profit. We seek to identify current issues facing API professionals and provide them with the skills to adapt and overcome. With this goal in mind we are aware that we need to celebrate the diversity in Asian American professionals and build a community of allyship in everything we do. PDC is committed to creating a safe space to develop, improve and build the skills to become our environments AAPI leaders. Leadership Excellence’s overall objectives include: Understand: Understand the needs of our professional community Network: Network with others, understanding a variety of perspectives and opinions Innovate: Improve on what is traditional leadership development and make it interesting and relevant Grow: Learn from those who you speak to, growing your professional network and our community. Impact: Having an impact on the members that attend our events facilitates our organizational goals The primary responsibilities of the Associate Director of LEC (Boston Chapter) are to: 1. Develop events that benefit the API community 2. Cross-collaborate with other committees program leads/directors in the organization to host innovate events & initiatives 3. Recruit and engage new members/volunteers 4. Cultivate and build relationships with other NAAAP leaders and members. We are looking for someone who is willing to step out of the comfort zone and to act as a champion for all API professionals. NAAAP has a longstanding reputation for providing quality professional development programs, networking, and events for the AAPI community. We are looking for someone who is willing to listen to the needs of the community and be able to innovate and present impactful material to facilitate continuous growth.


Associate Director, Youth Engagement

The Youth Engagement Committee focuses on uplifting and empowering AAPI Youth in MA. The primary initiative of the committee is helping coordinate the Future Leaders Scholarship Awards, which is offered every year to high school seniors enrolling in college or university. Award winners have a demonstrated track record of academic excellence, community engagement, and leadership potential. For the 2022 cycle, a total of 25,000$ was awarded, with an award ceremony also being held at the Boston Courtyard Marriott. In addition the committee is looking towards other initiatives this year, with potential ideas such as a weekend long professional and personal development workshop for AAPI highschool youth and/or helping launch a NAAAP internship program. The primary responsibilities include: 1. Recruit and lead core team members 2. Implement outreach strategies to increase and improve the scholarship applicant pool 3. Oversee and participate in the scholarship recipient selection process 4. Organize and host the scholarship ceremony (one of NAAAP Boston's Signature Events) 5. Support/help lead other initiatives to support AAPI youth engagement in MA, such as workshops, conferences, internship programs…etc. 6. Coordinate activities with other NAAAP Boston Committees and be visible as a NAAAP Boston Leader We are looking for someone who is willing to step up and become an inclusive leader who truly believes that the success of others is also the success of themselves. NAAAP Boston is a long-time partner of the Asian American community in Massachusetts. We have a consistent and long-standing reputation in providing valuable scholarship opportunities for those who exemplify future leader qualities. But we also recognize that there is room to grow. We encourage the new leaders of the Youth Engagement Committee to continue executing on what currently exists in addition to building their own legacy on top of that. In this role, you will actively develop your own leadership skills with support from the Director of Youth Engagement, fellow NAAAP leaders, and Board of Directors. This will be a rewarding experience for anyone willing to challenge themselves by taking on a leadership role with many opportunities to deliver impact! As a NAAAP leader, you will also be part of a close knit cohort of other volunteer leaders, as well as given opportunities to attend national/leadership development conferences and workshops through NAAAP.