Women in NAAAP (WIN)

The Women in NAAAP (WIN) Committee's vision is to empower, support and engage Asian American and Pacific Islander women to succeed as professional and personal leaders as well as contribute to their communities and cultures.


WIN is an all female led committee that is created to build competent and confident women leaders within NAAAP and the Asian Pacific community by providing resources to effectively lead in the workplace.


The committee also strives to connect Asian leaders to role models and create a mentoring network. Some of our programs include women-focused professional development workshops, roundtable discussions, social events and a mentorship program.

Meet the Team

Chareeda Rustanavibul

Director of WIN


Polly Yang

Assistant Director of WIN

Riley Woods

Assistant Director of WIN

Alice Mo

Amy Miao

Caroline Fong

Chien-Chi Huang

Emma Shagott

Irene Chen

Nancy Lee

Sanghamitra Mohanty

Jani Wong

Nykia Lawrence

Tessa Bui

Lakshmi Ganesan

Paige Tan

Vicki Yu

Lu Jin

Rita Wang

Winona Guo