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Leadership Excellence

The Leadership Excellence Committee's (LEC) mission is to build leaders. We seek to identify current issues facing API professionals and provide them with the skills to adapt and overcome. We help develop necessary skills through action-learning workshops, seminars, and conferences. 


We celebrate being an Asian American leader by creating spaces through mediums that can get conversations started and give Asian Americans more visibility, support, and the tools they need to break the bamboo ceiling.

The committee also strives to connect Asian leaders to role models and create a mentoring network. Some of our current programs include leadership workshop series, roundtable discussions, social events and a peer-to-peer mentorship program (Mastermind).


Our annual conference, AccelerASIAN, was awarded the Program of Year by NAAAP National in 2018. During the pandemic, we created a pamphlet about the diversity in Asian American cultures to help people see the cultural nuances that make up Asian American culture in Boston.


We hope to kick off some great new initiatives and to continue our roundtables in the new year. If you are interested, please reach out to, Director of Leadership Excellence, for more information.

Meet The Team

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Frank Pham

Thuc Tran_edited_edited.png

Lina Ngao

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Barbara Poon

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Jing Cai

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William Gao

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