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Human Resources

NAAAP’s greatest asset is our volunteers and leaders! The HR Committee is committed to supporting and providing NAAAP volunteers with the resources they need to set them up for success. We curate monthly orientations for new volunteers and facilitate quarterly operations meetings where our leaders share best practices, collaborate on upcoming initiatives, and strategize for success. Outside of these essential meetings, we also organize social events such as NAAAP day and game nights.


This year, we are piloting a monthly internal newsletter to further build community and increase visibility. Our goal is to create a safe and fun environment for our volunteers to exhibit their talents in whichever committee they choose to volunteer for. 

Meet the Team

Thuc Tran_edited_edited.png

Maelynn Alley

Thuc Tran_edited_edited.png

Priscilla Zhang

Thuc Tran_edited_edited.png

Emmie Nguyen

Thuc Tran_edited_edited.png

Tiffany Chin

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