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Adoptee Unity Committee

NAAAP Boston welcomes a new Adoptee Unity Committee. We strive to create spaces for adoptees to network professionally, connect with stories, and find a sense of belonging within the AAPI community.

Our mission is to create a supportive and inclusive community for Asian American adoptee professionals. We aim to advocate for the needs and concerns of adoptees in the workplace and provide resources for navigating the complexities of adoption. We strive to celebrate our unique perspective within the AAPI community and help change the narrative of the common adoption story. 

If you want to get involved please fill out the general interest form below.

We are always open to suggestions from the community!

Meet The Team

Thuc Tran_edited_edited.png

Riley Woods

Director of Adoptee Unity

Thuc Tran_edited_edited.png

David Nguyen

Thuc Tran_edited_edited.png

Chang-Hwan Boden

Associate Director of Adoptee Unity

Thuc Tran_edited_edited.png

Nina Euele

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