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Your career is where you HAVE FUN and ADD VALUE. Additionally, NAAAP can provide you a great environment to network, learn best practices, meet prospective new hires, mentors, and mentees, and advance or diversify your career interests. NAAAP is pan-Asian and pan-professional and commits the organization to success, excellence and building leaders at all levels (ranks). Through our professional development workshops, we expose you to career choices and provide you the tools that every Asian American needs in today’s workplace.


Asian and Pacific Islander individuals who lead at work also should lead in the community. NAAAP chapters foster great relationships with the communities they live and work in. Through NAAAP, our members raise their voices individually and collectively to share our stories, experiences, perspectives, and needs. Your voice can be by what you say or do and when it is recognized, that ultimately leads to representation.


If you are Asian, you are a representative of the Asian American and Asian Canadian community in the eyes of everyone else. Assimilation does not mean the abandonment of your culture or your heritage; it means bringing your experiences and outlook into what is mainstream America and building a community around it.

NAAAP, through its many volunteer and charity efforts, engages Asian Americans into the community

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According to a new survey from Deloitte, human resources (HR) executives agree that skills-based volunteering enhances the job prospects for graduating college seniors and returning military veterans. Yet, despite challenging economic times, less than half of the college students (46 percent) and military personnel (48 percent) surveyed think of volunteering at a nonprofit to develop skills and gain the experience needed to land a future job.


Skilled volunteer experience makes a job candidate more desirable 

(76 percent)


Skilled volunteer experience makes a college graduate more desirable 

(81 percent)


Skilled volunteer experience makes a serviceman more desirable 

(78 percent)


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