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 In a Time of Crisis

NAAAP Boston During COVID-19

Coping With a Global Pandemic

We sat down with Dr. Cong Zhang, currently a staff psychologist at Boston University, to discuss what are some ways we can raise awareness of mental health issues among Asian communities during the current pandemic as well as promote healthy coping mechanisms and identifying personal and cultural strengths to draw upon

Being Heard in the Age of COVID-19

Research has shown that women, immigrants, and professionals of color can find it challenging to speak up and establish credibility in the workplace.


These issues are further exacerbated in the Virtual Workplace, where professionals need to be more proactive and assertive to be visible with their managers and teams.

In this session, we invited Ms. Judy Shen-Filerman, CEO of Dreambridge Partners, a cross-cultural leadership training and consulting firm, and HBS graduate, to learn more about the communication strategies that you can employ in your next virtual workplace meeting to heighten your own presence and credibility.

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